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 The LBSL is a league comprised of three divisions; each made up of eight teams. The majority of our league information is transmitted at monthly league meetings and through our web site (www.lbsl.org). Monthly meeting are held on the second Monday of each month from March until September. There are two additional meetings that your club must attend. These are the roster meeting, usually the last Thursday in June, and the Finals Scratch meeting, which is held on the Monday after champs. Attendance at meetings is mandatory.

Someone from your club should be represented, or you should notify a board member that you would be unable to attend. Your paperwork will be forwarded to you. The following details the general timeline for the information that you will receive for your team as a league rep, and also includes the responsibilities to the league that your team must fulfill. As you will see it is a busy 7-week swim season. This document was prepared to help you to know what should be done when, and what you should be receiving when. Italicized items need attention from the coaching staff or club treasurer. These items are paperwork or other information that you will have to distribute to your coaches or team.


League meeting and champs schedules distributed. Draft of the meet schedule for all divisions presented. League fees (at this writing $125 for swim team, $50 additional for a swim/dive team and $100 for just a dive team) are invoiced. These bills should be submitted to your club treasurer, and paid promptly. Any motions to change the rules/operating procedures are made during the previous season and voted on at this meeting. Our rules dictate that changes to the rules must be brought before the board in the year prior, no rules may be changed during the current swim season. An exception to this would be rule changes made by United States Swimming (USS), USS rules supercede our rules. Any team (not currently in the LBSL) wishing to join the league must make a proposal before the league at this meeting. Insurance forms will be available on the web. Officials shirts will be able to be ordered from the LBSL treasurer. Any changes in League Reps or Coaching staff should be reported to the LBSL Recording Secretary. Please include any changes in phone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses. Teams are asked to volunteer for concessions and meet hosting for the Championship meets. Two teams are needed from each division, one to operate the concession stand and another to assist the LBSL board as a meet host. All proceeds from the concession stand go directly to the club operating it. Also two additional teams are needed to do concessions at 8 and Under Championships and League Finals. One additional team is needed to serve as a meet host for 8 and Under Championships. Teams should come prepared to submit two tentative dates & times if they wish to hold an Officials Training Clinic at their pool. Generally at least 6 clinics are held. Two in each of the following areas: Northeast Philadelphia, Lower Bucks (Newtown, Lower Makefield, Middletown Township) and two in the northern reaches of the area we serve (Hatboro, High Point). If you wish to hold a clinic you will need to have a meeting room, and if possible a TV/VCR. The clinics are available for Strokes and Turns Judges or Starter/Referees. Infrequently clinics are offered for Table Workers.


Meet schedule for the league is finalized. League fees are due if not already paid. Details of changes to the upcoming season are outlined. This may include changes to rostering procedures, champs or paperwork requirements. Officials clinics are announced. Minimal availability is remaining at this time to host a clinic. If your club wants to host one, please come prepared with two dates and times. This would be your last chance. Cold Water Classic Entry Information is distributed and discussed.


League Directories along with amended LBSL Operating Procedures and By-laws are distributed. Reminders about what are required at the upcoming roster meeting for the league and other the other teams within your division. The league will require all of your insurance forms sorted as specified by the Operating Secretary, and one check per team to the league for the insurance fees. You will need two copies of your roster for the league. One will go to the Treasurer and one will go to the Operating secretary. You will need a copy of your roster for each team in your division and a copy of a map or directions to your pool for each team in your division. (8 total roster copies/ 6 total roadmaps/directions) Teams in the Blue Division must prepare an extra copy of their roster for Navy in order to have security access to the Navy base. Divers are registered with diving and a notation is made that they are also a swimmer. They still must pay the insurance fee for swimming as well as the insurance fee for diving. All of their paperwork is submitted with Diving, do not pay for them when registering your swimmers. Champs paperwork is begun. Usually distributed at this time is information regarding the Senior Award, the champs program ads and entry forms. Meet hosts and Concessions for champs finalized. Pulling a name out of a hat will fill any unfilled positions. Officials’ clinics are finalized. Finalized meet schedule is presented. A nominating committee will be formed to gather nominees for any LBSL Board positions that will be open in the next season. Cold Water Classic registration information is distributed. LMT Invitational registration paperwork is distributed.

June-Roster Meeting (Coaches should attend this meeting)

All swimmers are registered with the league. The Treasurer and Operating Secretary will review your paperwork before they collect it. They will also collect your payment. You will distribute to the teams in your division copies of your roster and map/directions. The league will provide: Championship Entry information, Senior Award, Championship Program Advertising information, Timer Slips, Place Judge Slips, Meet Sheets, Announcer Sheets, Bub Mears Sportsmanship Award information. It is optional that you may also receive the Operating Procedures, By Laws and League Directory at this time if they were not available for distribution at the June League Meeting. Coaches will meet with the League President who will review with them any changes for the upcoming season.


Finals Scratch Meeting Date and Time Announced. Champs entries and Senior Awards are discussed. These are usually due in person at the LMT Invitational. Due with your champs entries is a list of your graduating seniors for acknowledgement in the program, and a list of coaches who are requesting deck passes for the championship meet. Meet Sheets need to be sent in to the Operating Secretary within 24 hours of the completion of a meet. Scores should be sent to the webmaster for posting. Bub Mears Sportsmanship Award ballots are due to the Operating Secretary at the completion of the season. Do not send in your ballot prior to that.  Ballots must rank teams from best to worst, you cannot just vote for a particular team. LMT Invitational meet is discussed. Newtown Aqua Pentathlon information may be distributed. Since the Aqua Pentathlon is not a league sanctioned meet it is at the discretion of Newtown Swim Team how they would like to distribute entry information.


These are held during the final weekend in July and culminate in League Finals which is held on Wednesday evening following the weekend of Division Championship. Division Championships are held as follows; Blue division Friday night, 8 and Under Championships Saturday morning, White Division Championships Saturday afternoon and Red Division Championships on Sunday afternoon. Championship meet worker assignments will be based on the number of entries per team. Generally one worker is required for every 3 to 5 swimmers. The meet worker assignments will be posted on the web usually no later than 5 days before the meet. Finals workers will be determined in the same manner and will be posted on the web by Tuesday before Finals. You may wish to notify your parents that if they have a swimmer in Finals or Champs they should be prepared to work at least a portion if not all of the meet.  Finals Scratch Meeting (Coaches or Club Representative Must Attend)-

This meeting is held on the Monday night following the conclusion of Division Championships. At this meeting all coaches or club representative must be available to scratch any swimmers unable to swim in Finals. A psyche sheet of the top 25 swimmers from all three divisions will be posted on the web no later than Monday morning. This will also be available at the meeting. Any team not present will not have their swimmers seeded in finals.


The proposed league schedule for next year is presented. This would give the dates of swim meets, Championships and League meetings. Championship entry numbers and financial reconciliation is presented. Final league standings, who moves up and who moves down, are reported. Elections are held for open board positions. Rule changes are presented, and debated.  As you can see it is a very busy season. Please feel free to ask any of your fellow representatives to guide you. The LBSL Board is always available to address any questions or concerns that you may not wish to bring up before a general league meeting.

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